Land Uses

Main  Road  -  R325  is the  dominant  spine  of
Postmasburg  town  which  forms  part  of  the  major  road
system  of  Postmasburg  together  with  the  following roads/streets:

~  End Street;
~  Plein Street;
~  R385; and
~  Shone Street

The  Kimberley-Postmasburg  railway  line  runs  just  south  of
Postdene  with  a  large  railway  siding  located  north  of  the
Newtown along the R385.

There is one airfield located to the south east of the town.
Postmasburg is a mining and agricultural service centre, with
large areas of residential use.

The  CBD  of  Postmasburg  is  located  within  the  surrounding
area of the Shone Street and Main Road crossing.

A  number  of  street  traders  can  be  found  in  the  CBD  and
along the Main Road of Postmasburg.

The business developments along the R385, is a reflection of
the dominance of this road and the levels of traffic carried by

The industrial uses are located along the R385.

The  educational  facilities  are  well  distributed with  schools  in
Postdene, Biochoko and Postmasburg town.

The  health  facilities  are  also  well  distributed  with  clinics  in
Postdene, Biochoko and Newtown.

The  Postmasburg  hospital  is  located  towards  the  North
Western side of town.

The municipal area consists out of 6 wards, namely:

Ward 1: Part of Postdene and Carnation;
Ward 2: Newtown;
Ward 3: Groenwater, Jenn-Haven, part of Postdene and Lohatla;
Ward 4: Boichoko;
Ward 5: Skeifontein, Soetfontein, Strathmore, Part of Boichoko, part of Postmasburg Town and West End; and
Ward 6: White City, Glosam, Beeshoek, Stasie and Maramane.

The towns/settlement of Tsantsabane LM can be categorized as follows:

Main local town: Postmasburg
Rural settlements: Jenn-Haven, Groenwater, Skeyfontein
Mining residential satellite town: Beeshoek