Mr. Julius Theys

(Director Community Services)

Emergency Services

Render an effective emergency services (fire, rescue and disaster management) activities through the following sections: Operational, Public Safety, Training and Logistical.

Traffic Services

Main function of the Traffic Section is to ensure the free flow of traffic and for all road users to arrive alive. In order for us to be successful in this objective is to ensure as a priority:

Library Services

Provide a free information service to all inhabitants of the Tsantsabane Municipal area. Nobody leaves the service without the requested information.

Parks & Recreation

Provide sport facilities, parks and gardens and other horticulturist services and to provide quality cemetery facilities and services.

Personal Health

Rendering of a comprehensive Primary Health Care Service

Environmental Health

The main function of the Environmental Health Services is to render a cost effective professional environmental health service (health inspections, vector control, refuse removal and cleaning services) to the Tsantsabane Municipal Area.

Motor Registration

This section is divided into three different sphere of the Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 , namely Motor Vehicle Testing, Motor Registrations and Driving Licenses and it operates strictly in line with the said Act to promote a safe and compliant society of all motor vehicle drivers, the road-worthiness of their vehicles and the legal operations of last mentioned through an effective registration and licensing system
Emergency Services: 053 313 7300
Traffic Services: Mr. D Louw 053 313 7331
Library Services: Mrs. I Kloppers 053 313 7316
Parks & Recreation: Mr. I Williams 053 313 7300
Postdene Clinic: Sr. Petlane 053 313 7341
Environmental Health: Ms. C Mathe 053 313 7345
Library Boichoko: Mrs. E Sibiya 053 313 7344
Library Postdene: Mrs. M Seas 053 313 7343
Motor Registration License Clerks: 053 313 7327
Boichoko Clinic: 053 313 3783